This is how Price Seeker has adapted to the needs of El Llorenç

E-book 30/10/2023
The journey of El Llorenç was born in September 2019 with a very clear idea: to create experiences through which its guests could feel and live the most authentic history, culture and gastronomy of the island of Palma de Mallorca. With 33 rooms, this boutique hotel is much more than just a hotel. It is a full-fledged host, whose aim is to make guests feel the true essence of Mallorca.

Paradoxically, its virtue is also the source of the problem. For the same reasons, its distribution is atypical for the destination and, therefore, parity is difficult to control. It is also not easy to decide who should they compare to and defining its competitive set is complex.

The collaboration project between Price Seeker and El Llorenç is a clear example of our willingness to actively listen to the sector. In this sense, the work of Victoria Vergara, revenue & sales manager of the hotel, has been fundamental in creating a tool tailored to its particular casuistry. New levels of filtering, new sites as a source of data and exclusive functionalities have marked the commitment of this unique boutique hotel to our comprehensive price intelligence platform.

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